Established January 2020

Handy hints before booking:

- If you believe your foot/leg problem is related to the way you walk, please bring in 3 or 4 pairs of shoes you wear the most often to your appointment (yes, this includes dirty workboots !)

- No ACC appointments sorry (patients who are already seeing Erin for ACC may continue to do so)

- Please enjoy our simpler, updated online bookings system!

- Detailed instructions on parking, and how to find your way to the Rangiora or Oxford clinic may be found on the "About/Locations" page :)      


Full Price* Initial or Follow Up:   $65

Discount Price ** Initial or Follow Up:   $60

Eligible people with High Risk Diabetes with Pegasus/Waitaha PHO referrals from their GP/RN*** : $0

Eligible NZDF Veterans****: $0


*Full Price: 18-64 years of age, with no Community Services Card

** Discount Price: 0-17 years of age, 65 and over years of age, regardless of pension status. Discount Price also applies to Community Service Card holders

*** Paperwork/Referrals need to be received before appointment, please contact us to discuss this before attending

****NZDF Veterans: please organise initially through your Case Manager