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Healthinfo Canterbury

Approved information and facts sheets from Canterbury District Health Board

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Self care for your feet

Diabetes & Feet

Diabetic nerve damage (neuropathy)

Foot ulcers

Cellulitis (deep skin infection)

Ingrown Toenail (onychocryptosis)

Sever's "Disease"    (calcaneal apophysitis, child heel pain) 

Heel & Foot pain (plantar fasciitis) ("heel spur")

Podiatry New Zealand

Our Podiatry association, promoting and advancing podiatry in NZ. Membership is voluntary, and provides a great deal of our professional continuing education. 

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Warts  (plantar warts, verrucae)

Diabetes (The High Risk Foot) Fact Sheet

Corns         Callus (callous)

Fungal Nail infection (onychomycosis)

Bunions   (HAV)

Athlete's Foot   (Tinea Pedis, skin fungus)             

Morton's Neuroma

Shoes: what should I look for in shoes?

I have tried, but cannot do "generalised" information for this question unfortunately! Your foot type, how you walk, daily activities, weight, medical conditions, foot and leg conditions, and budget just throw too many variables in.


Languages other th​an English ( LOTE ) 


Culturally and Linguistically Diverse ( CALD ) 


My feet and Diabetes: YouTube Videos by Diabetes Victoria in the following languages:

Chinese 漢語 , Greek Ελληνικά, Vietnamese Tiếng Việt, Koori, Italian italiano , Auslan, English

(Link above takes you to all the separate vi​deos in their respective languages)

Diabetes and my feet- pdf documents by Waitematā DHB.

English -                         Diabetes and my feet

Chinese (traditional)   糖尿病和你的足部

Korean                            당뇨병과 당신의 발

Tinea (skin fungus) is a website link here

from Health Translations for Eastern Health which will take you to the pdf documents in the following languages (please note, contact phone numbers on these are for Australia, not NZ):

Arabic ﺍﻟﹿﻌﹷﺮﹶﺑﻴﹽﺔ 

Chinese (simplified) 简化字 , and (traditional) 漢語 

French français 

German Deutsche 

Greek Ελληνικά 

Italian italiano 

 Japanese 日本語 

Spanish Español 

Turkish Türkçe 

Vietnamese Tiếng Việt

Diabetes: what you need to know- click here to access these 

.pdf files in the following languages; (Diabetes NSW and Victoria) (Australia)

Arabic                         مرض السكري ما الذي تحتاج إلى معرفته

Chinese                                             糖尿病


DarI                                                                    دیابت یا مریضی شکر

                                      چیزهایی که دانستن آن برای شما ضرورت دارد

Farsi (Persian)                                    دیابت

                                     آنچه الزم است شما بدانید

Fijian                          NA MATENISUKA   Na veika e dodonu mo kila

French                       LE DIABETE CE QUE VOUS DEVEZ SAVOIR

Greek                        ΔΙΑΒΗΤΗΣ  ΤΙ ΧΡΕΙΑΖΕΤΑΙ ΝΑ ΓΝΩΡΙΖΕΤΕ


Maltese                      DIJABETE   X’GĦANDEK TKUN TAF

Russian                      ДИАБЕТ Что нужно знать

Samoan                     MA’ISUKA O mea e tatau ona e ilo

Swahili                       KISUKARI  Unachohitaji kuju


Tamil                           ePupopT Neha

Turkish                      ŞEKER HASTALIĞI BİLMENİZ ge

Vietnamese            BỆNH TIỂU ĐƯỜNG Những điều quý vị cần biết

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